So i wasn't online at the time, and i'm kinda catching up on the whole ascended armor thing in GW2. Honestly i kinda find it hard to warrent all the doomsaying. It seems like part of the blame is ANet were idiots to reveal it the way they did. however it seems like the community is taking this as ANEt somehow having abandoned all morales, sacrificed children to a dark elder god, and we'll be getting a new tier every major patch. However if i understand correctly they later said it was kinda intended to be in the game all along, they just didn't get it in at launch (in which case there would be absolutely ZERO issue so i bet they're kicking themselves for relegating it to the "secondary importance" pile). They've gone back and said that ascended gear will be available outside dungeon grinding. make it available through crafting and problem solved. To take it to a sort of extreme, if a new tier of gear could be obtained as simply as dipping in to my crafting mats and boom, full working set in an hour, i wouldn't really care if they added a new tier every month. I was watching guildcast, and i think Elizabeth Claire (from massively) kinda made a good point that arenaNet is pretty good at fixing its mistakes (it's poor explenation of ascended gear, the shitty start to Lost Shores), not very good at avoiding them in the first place like they kinda should.

I don't know, i guess if one would apporach a civil debate i'm sure the pros and cons could be worked out, a compromisse made. I just see people knee jerking, swearing off the game forever.

I'm not trying to say these people are whiners, maybe a tad bit unreasonable. As mentioned, ArenaNet did drop the ball in several places (explenation, and those alterior methods of acquisition should have been put in at the same time as the tier was released)...i don't know. i guess i'm just getting really toxic of following MMO communities. For all the good ideas and criticism they come up with, 9/10 times the way the "majority" chooses to express itself just makes me want to bury my head in the sand and keep on trucking my little charr warrior to 80. I know that "nothing to do at 80" is another major gripe, but i kinda see GW2 like minecraft, you kinda got to be your own motivator. set a silly goal, for those outrageous Legendaries.

In reflection, i don't really know the point of this post. i don't really want to get involved in some back and forth over ascended gear (which seems to make a lot of this post pointless), endgame neccessity or any of that. I like GW2, I'm fine with other people NOT likeing GW2, and to be honest, unless WoW:MoP endgame avoids burning me out like cata, the only other MMO i'll give a whirl is FFXIV:ARR just out of love of it's FF trappings, and because in the short time i've followed the game (played like 3 months at the start of the year) i gotta say Yoshi P. kinda inspires good feelings in me. GW2's "wander around, have shit happen, get goodies" design just appeals to me so i'll probably do what i did with GW1, just keep going.

Um...i guess feel free to jump off any part of the post for discussion. Also if anyone has an active guild on Jade Quarry, give me a shout out.